The influence of design: A focus on Asian founder-led brands


May 7, 2022

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5 mins

When consumers think of design, it’s likely they’ll intuitively veer towards designer brands, extraordinary architecture, or art. Rarely do they see a connection with the functional and mundane, like a pencil. To develop a product or service can take months of researching, strategizing, brainstorming, prototyping, and testing until it’s ready to roll out en masse - this is designing.

Rebranding: A Case Study on Tiffany & Co.


November 19, 2021

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5.4 minutes

A number of rebrands across all industries have graced our newsfeeds in the past few months, from high jewelry to beauty to pharmaceutical brands. A move like this can easily cost from USD$90,000 to USD$1,000,000+ depending on the size and complexity of a business, its positioning in the market, and the company’s long-term business strategy. So why would brands undertake such a mammoth task? Brand equity - the power of a name is priceless.




November 10, 2021

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3 mins

UNIBROWN is the 1st Chinese brand dedicated to providing professional services that enhance office workplaces. Since 2015, it has set up lounges in office building lobbies to cater to white-collar professionals with unique needs such as offering healthy menus, specialty drinks, and custom activities.